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Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club®Inc.

 Office of the International President

Chris Gadway

Hello to all Red Knights,                                                                                                                                 6/11/2014

I hope today finds you well and ready to ride, the 2014 Convention is nearly here!

Last year many of you took time to take a survey that we sent out and had available online.  A huge thank you goes out to each of you that took time out for the survey. The results of the survey can now be found online. The survey results will also be posted at Convention this year.

We as a board have already been discussing these results and are utilizing them to help guide us in moving this organization forward.

One of the most common comments we have heard from members is, “we get very little communications from the International”. In April, while we were in Syracuse, we discussed many possibilities of the best actions to take. Motion 2014-005 enacted the Communications Committee. This committee is being chaired by George Colby of MA3. The committee has been tasked to work together to better the communications across the organization. This will be accomplished using each committee member’s expertise on their portion while reestablishing old methods and integrating new ones.

The committee has already started work brainstorming ideas on how to better communications across the 18 countries we are currently represented in while encompassing a method to achieve an easier way to work through language barriers.

The committee is currently looking for a newsletter editor to look at bringing back the International Newsletter and a help-a-Knight coordinator and to work with the help-a-Knight program. If you are interested in being considered please contact George Colby at

We want each and every member to realize they are a part of a worldwide brother/sisterhood. It’s not just about what happens in your home town/chapter. Please travel and visit neighboring chapters, enjoy rides with them. Go to a state or Regional Rally, go to the International Convention. Many events and new friends await you!

If you have any thoughts that you would like to submit for bettering communications, please forward those to George.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Prince Edward Island next month. 

Thank you and Ride Safe.




Our Mission Statement

To promote motorcycle safety
To project a positive image of motorcycling
To enjoy the community of firefighters
To engage exclusively in social, charitable, and educational activities directed at the general understanding of, competency, sportsmanship and participation in the sport of motorcycling.

We are a club for members of the fire service, and their families, who enjoy riding motorcycles.

Membership is open to all firefighters; active, retired, volunteer, professional or industrial, who have access to a motorcycle and hold a valid motorcycle driver’s license.

These three items are the only requirement for membership. An individual member is never required to purchase any Red Knights® patch or any other Red Knight® regalia especially as a requirement of membership.

If a member chooses to purchase a Red Knights® patch or other regalia, it is the property of the individual and is not required to surrender it upon the individual’s retirement from the Red Knights®.

The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club® does not allow prospecting for members.  There is no probationary period for Active members in the Red Knights®.  There is no “granting” of patches in the Red Knights®.  The right to become an Active member in the Red Knights® and to wear any Red Knights® regalia is earned by being or having been a Firefighter.

If a person is voted into a Chapter, after a credentials are checked, or joins as an MAL, that person has immediate full membership rights and may purchase and wear any Red Knights® regalia.

Spouses, partners, member’s children, brothers and sisters and parents are welcome as Social or Junior Members.

At present, a minimum of seven firefighters are required to Charter a new Chapter but we have hundreds of Members-At-Large.


Red Knights & Other Events This Week

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The Red Knights® names and logos are Registered Trademarks.

Being a member in good standing, gives you permission to identify yourself as a Red Knight® and wear the names and logos but it does not give you permission to reproduce them on any type of material, including web pages. 

Members may contact the Web Master with any questioins about the web site. You will need to give your real name and Chapter or MAL affiliation.

Obtaining Permission to use the Red Knights® names and logos


By Vendors, Associations, Chapters or Individual Member must be obtained from the International Secretary following the procedure outlined on this page.